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Pure Water Window Cleaning
We now use the latest technology to clean your windows using Pure Water Cleaning System.
Why pure water - and how does it work?
Unlike bottled water or tap water which contains mineral deposits, pollution, calcium and chemicals pure water is stripped of every element and is pure in every sense. We do this by using a technique called reverse osmosis which is a filtration process. The end result is 100% laboratory graded pure water. Because of it’s purity, quite simply nothing can deposit on the Glass, so they are left to dry naturally for a spot free finish.
We window clean all residential and commercial properties.
If its glass we can clean it. 
Hard to reach windows
Using a high reach carbon fibre pole with pure water we can clean windows up to a hight of 36ft.
The secret is in the water thats 100% pure........... 
Pure water does not leave any residue, unlike most traditional methods of cleaning. And cleans the frames not just the glass and at no extra cost.
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